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The company was founded on the basis of many years of experience, many years of fully proven business contacts all over the world. Our determination and inborn business predispositions bear fruit even in this difficult - pandemic - period. In addition, our team of specialized employees guarantees full reliability and absolute professionalism.

We operate on global trading markets. From Tokyo to Los Angeles. We have proven partners on the Asian, European Union and North American markets. Hence, there are opportunities to import and ship all products all over the world.

In today's world overwhelmed by COVID-19, we have adapted to market requirements. We have exclusive rights to trade powder-free nitrile gloves in the European Union and the United States of America, under the WISHGLOVE, GHO and ROYAL VIETNAM brands. Of course, each of the products is a medical device with all the certificates and standards dictated by the markets.

We also operate based on partner companies in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Bursa. We can therefore react directly to emerging problems and nip inflammation in the bud.

Cooperation with us can only be a pleasure for each contractor. We are determined by honesty, reliability, a sense of duty and always loyalty. We treat all partners in an absolutely family-like manner. Therefore, cooperation with US makes a sense of lightness and fulfillment for even the most demanding group of people.



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Powder-free nitrile gloves, approved for sale in the European Union and the United States of America.

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